Whitehouse Primary School Documentary

We are currently working on a proof-of-concept video for the Whitehouse Historical Society to document the history of Whitehouse Primary School. The school was built in 1932 and is scheduled to be replaced in 2019.

On the project: Jake Venter, Bryce Conklin, and Adam Grant.

About the Whitehouse Primary School Documentary

Michael Vanderpool discusses the Whitehouse Historical Society's project to put together a documentary about the Whitehouse Primary School.

Project Allura Space Design

We are excited to be able to officially announce our agreement to partner with Triangular Processing! The Project Allura Design and Innovation Business Incubator will be located inside of Triangular. Please follow us on social media to watch the transformation and information about our Open House!

On the project: Seth Brakefield, Kim Eggebrecht, Arielle Young.